Bernie Would’ve Won and That’s Exactly Why He Didn’t Stand a Chance

Bernie Sanders’ historic 2016 presidential campaign touched a nerve with the American public. Citizens who had grown so disgusted with the deeply corrupted American political system finally saw a ray of hope in someone truly unusual – a national politician who was honest to a fault, unafraid to speak the truth and who genuinely cared for those struggling to survive in America’s increasingly cruel system that treats working people like a disposable commodity. Some would say Donald Trump represented the same on the other end of the political spectrum, but it’s become quite apparent that in his case, it was all a massive con job. While Trump stuffs his cabinet with Goldman Sachs alums, Bernie fights tooth and nail to reign in their excesses and calls out their scam without hesitation. That’s exactly why the establishment elites who pull all the strings from behind the scenes knew they had to do everything they could to keep him from winning the Democratic nomination. Bernie Sanders represents a real threat to their oligarchical power structure.
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Bernie Sanders Town Hall Speech

In this speech at a town hall in Austin, Texas recorded on March 31, 2015, Bernie Sanders articulates the core problems faced by the United States, with historical context, and outlines his proposed solutions. He also clearly lays out the dire stakes if the opposing platform is allowed to succeed.

Bernie Sanders 2016 – A Pivotal Opportunity

For all those who have had enough of a government thoroughly corrupted by big money, feeling helpless as you watch the destruction of the American middle class, there is now a real focal point to galvanize your energy.  Bernie Sanders is one of the most rare politicians – a person of integrity who actually cares about the people and is unafraid to speak truth to power.  Please don’t sit on the sidelines watching in disgust as business as usual continues in Washington.

Pitch in and help Bernie make a real difference!